Bay & Bow


Envirogreen Bay & Bow Vinyl Windows

Adding Bay and Bow windows to your home will give your room the appearance of more floor space. The room will seem larger and brighter. Because these types of window protrude from the building, they can catch breezes that normally would not enter your home. Bay and bow windows can be constructed from multiple windows to add curves and other shapes to your home. Create a cozy seating to read a book or to just enjoy views that weren’t previously available. Bay windows make great seating area or place to display your belongings.

Full lifetime Envirogreen warranty protects your investment and gives you increased peace of mind.

All Envirogreen bay & bow windows are custom built to your specifications.



Galaxy Bay & Bow windows from Envirogreen feature many standard features found only on higher end vinyl models. Autolocking lock closes securely each time with one motion; vent stops allow you to vent your window without worry. They are also available with casement windows as well.


  • Strong Vinyl Construction
  • 3 1/4″ Frame Width
  • 3/4″ Double Pane Insulating Glass Overall thickness
  • Argon filled
  • Neat Clean Glass Coatings Available
  • Fusion Welded Frame and Sash Corners
  • Autolocking Sash Lock
  • Vent Stops
  • Loe3 Glass