Care & Maintenance Guide

This Care & Maintenance Guide provides significant information that will assist you to keep your windows, doors, and/or shutters operating properly and smoothly for a long time. In order to keep your products in good condition and fully covered by our warranty, a periodical maintenance and cleaning is necessary.The basic care and maintenance is doable by homeowners with general mechanical knowledge and skills. If any difficulty is found during cleaning or maintenance, please feel free to visit our website for detailed instructions or call our service department for further assistance.

Our direct service phone number
is 626-263-5900. Our service email is tracy.envirogreen@gmail.com


After the completion of the installation, all of Envirogreen`s products need an initial cleaning to ensure the optimum appearance and proper performance.


According to the material property, vinyl windows, doors, and shutters need minimum care and maintenance, but the periodical
cleaning is necessary to keep the products appealing. A cleaning of windows, doors, and shutter once a year is strongly recommended.


  • 1. Clean the outside frames and sashes with a wet clean towel using the Envirogreen pre-approved cleanser if necessary.
  • 2. Check the exterior weep hole, make sure there is nothing blocking the holes, and the weep hole cover operate properly.
  • 3. Clean the glass using the soft water. Caution: hard water may cause water spots on the glass which may need the special cleanser to get rid of it.
  • 4. For the horizontal sliding windows and doors (XO style), use a Gas duster to blow off the dusts in the sliding track, and pick out the small rocks if there is any. Use a wet clean towel to wipe the sliding track. Use the Envirogreen pre-approved lubricant between the track and rollers if necessary.
  • 5. For the tilting style windows (SHT or DHT), use the tilting function to remove the operable panel for cleaning.
  • 6. Clean the screen window/door using wet clean cloth gently wipe on the screen and the frames. You may push the two
    screen-clips to remove the screen window/door for detail cleaning. Note: It is not necessary to remove the screen/door for initial cleaning.


  • 1. Do not use any strong organic cleanser (Thinner, Acetone, etc.) on the vinyl frames and sashes.
  • 2. Do not use rough towel or cloth to clean the glass which may cause scratches on the surface.
  • 3. Do not use garden hose to spray on windows and/or doors. The water may cause water spots on the glass and the pressure water may cause leakage and damage on the structure enforcement of the products.
  • 4. Avoid blowing or wiping dust or rocks into the interior weep hole.
  • 5. Do not lean on the screen windows/doors. The screen windows/doors are not designed to prevent falling.
  • 6. Do not lean out of the windows to clean the exterior surface.
  • 7. Do not sit or stand on the Bay/Bow/Garden windows to make the cleaning. Unsupported Bay/Bow/Garden windows are not designed to support sitting or standing


The weep holes are designed as a part of the drainage system. Blocking of the holes may cause water leaking, or even damage the structure of products. The exterior weep hole was designed with a cover protection. Proper operation of the weep hole cover can prevent the dust blowing into the drainage system.

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