French Door


Envirogreen’s vinyl French Swing doors give you the look of a traditional French door with the added benefits of low-maintenance vinyl. Designed to add curb appeal as well as improved functionality, they are guaranteed to last for as long as you own your home. Enjoy features such as improved energy efficiency, dual point locking system, available transoms and sidelights, optional color finishes.

French swing doors operate effortlessly with light weight vinyl material. Complete the look with our color- coordinated interior and exterior door handles. Door may be locked or unlocked easily from inside by a flip-latch mechanism in the handle that engages a 2-point jamb lock. An anti-lift device is installed in the frame (handle) to prevent the sliding panel from being removed when the door is closed and locked. Just like our windows you have glass options and our doors are also available with optional sidelights that open as well.


Optional SideLights

French Patio doors can also be equipped with sidelights in opening ot fixed(non-opening) that can add more natural light into your home. All doors feature argon filled dual pane glass panels for improved energy efficiency. Glass panels can also be equipped with tempered glass for increased safety or textured glass to improve privacy.



Side light feature easy to use locks that secure them safely in place when not in use. Heavy steel bold keep the door from being opened from the outside.