Question: Can I save on my electric bills if I use vinyl windows?

Answer: Yes, if the vinyl window you use are dual- or triple pane-with ENERGY STAR ratings. A dual-pane vinyl window is considered energy efficient if
it has a u-factor of at least .30. U-factor is the metric for energy efficiency, the lower the number the better.

Question: Will my opening reduce if I install retro-fit windows?

Answer: Yes, any retro-fit installation will reduce your daylight opening.

Question: Are vinyl windows better than aluminum or wood windows?

Answer: Vinyl windows have some advantages over aluminum or wood windows. Vinyl windows are considered maintenance free, cost effective and energy
efficient since vinyl is not a conductor of heat and cold.

Question: Will my stucco get damaged when you install retro-fit windows?

Answer: No, retro-fit installation does not disturb any stucco or dry wall.

Question: I have a window with three panels, two sliders and a fixed part in the middle. Is this considered three windows?

Answer: No, that is considered one window as long as it is situated in a single opening

Question: Do window installers also need a license to install?

Answer: Yes, they need at least a C17 Glazing license from CSLB (Contractors State License Board).

Question: How long does it take to install windows?

Answer: It varies, depending on how many windows are in the home. For an average-sized house of 10 windows and 1 patio door, the installation can be
completed in 1 day.

Question: Is there a warranty for windows and installation?

Answer: Yes, Envirogreen offers a lifetime limited warranty on the materials and 25 years on installation. For details, visit the Warranties section of our website.

Question: Are triple-pane windows more energy efficient than dual pane?

Answer: Yes, Envirogreen’s GS triple-pane windows are more energy efficient than any dual-pane windows on the market right now. In fact, they were
designated by ENERGY STAR as 2014 Most Efficient Window.