Patio Door


Envirogreen Sliding Patio Doors

Envirogreen sliding patio doors provide the perfect passage between your home and the outdoors. Our patio doors are available in a variety of configurations including sliding multiple door frames and grid patterns for you to choose from.

Complete the look with our color-coordinated interior and exterior door handles. Door may be locked or unlocked easily from inside by a flip-latch mechanism in the handle that engages a 2-point jamb lock. An anti-lift device is in the frame (handle) to prevent the sliding panel from being removed when the door is closed and locked.
Envirogreen Sliding patio doors are available in different configurations from basic XO to XXO or OXXO. Enjoy ease of use, functionality and increased insulating factors along with our industry competitive full lifetime warranty. Enhance the look of your home with added energy efficiency and increased curb appeal today. All windows meet NFRC and AAMA Standards.

-All Envirogreen vinyl doors are custom built to your specifications.

-All Envirogreen arch windows are custom built to your specifications.


logo_titles_gsGS Series sliding French patio doors are constructed from quality vinyl that will not rot, crack or chalk and never require painting. New mulit-chamber construction adds strength and stability. Thicker robust frame gives the look of a French door without the clearance needed around the door.

With GS Series Sliding patio doors, with 1 1/4″ overall insulated laminated glass that greatly increases sound reduction in your home and offers increased security from exterior. Optional triple pane glass for maximum energy efficiency.
Loe3 glass helps keep temperatures low.GS Series Sliding French patio door features an innovative new ergonomic door handle that easily locks and opens in one motion.

  • Thermal fusion welded corners for strength and a watertight seal.
  • 1 1/4″ Insulating glass
  • Exterior keyed lock
  • Adjustable rollers
  • Fully aluminum-reinforced
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Optional colored finishes


logo_titles_galaxyGalaxy Sliding patio doors, one of our most popular patio door series. Thinner standard frame gives you maximum viewing area with increased glass area. French Sliding offers a thicker frame that gives the appearance of a French door with sliding door benefits. Both models are constructed using AAMA certified vinyl. They will not rot, crack or ever need painting. Multi-chamber construction gives increased strength throughout the frame. Thermal welded corners are superior to mechanical joints and make for a weather tight seal. Galaxy Sliding patio doors are NFRC certified and meet Energystar Criteria.

  • Thermal fusion welded corners for strength and a watertight seal.
  • 1″ Insulating glass
  • Exterior keyed lock.
  • Adjustable Rollers
  • Fully aluminum-reinforced
  • Standard Pull Handle
  • French or Standard frame available